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5 Future Trends in Slot Machines

5 Future Trends in Slot Machines

Slot machines have never failed to entertain the players since the time they existed. With every new step in technology, slot machines have utilised everything they could to provide the latest gaming experience to the gamblers. From mechanical slot machines to video slots to online slot games, the slot machines have come a long way. But does this progression have an ending? It turns out that the developers have already taken giant leaps to implement the upcoming technologies in slot machines. In the coming decade, a lot will change in the gambling industry, and slot machines will be one of the leading reasons for it. Let us look at some of the future trends that will influence slot machines.

Bigger, better, and flashier

Bigger, better, and flashier

The slot machines are only becoming more attractive and better with time. The developers are working every day to make their games more attractive. Bigger cabinets, decorations, digital screens are some of the tactics that will make players sit at a slot machine. The HD screens and better sounds will make the slot machines look more desirable and rewarding. Who would not like playing at the most rewarding looking slot machine in the casino?

Smaller, omnipresent, and compatible

On the contrary of the big slot machines at the slot floor, the developers have also introduced small size slot machines which can be available anywhere. You can play your favourite slot games in a compact screen installed at the bar. The reason why the machines are easily accessible will automatically make the players try out more.

More smartphone platforms

Apart from the live casino slot games, the developers are also keen on increasing their market online. With new innovations, the slot games are becoming completely electronic, which makes them even more accessible for slot lovers. The slot games app can mimick the favourite slot games of all time to provide the same experience and control on the game with a simple app. The players can now have better control over their games through their device.

Social media and slot games

The integrated social media platform for slot machines will allow the users to play and share their information easily. Slot machine developers are interested in taking the idea of social media for slot machine promotions. The players can even live stream their slot games directly from their casino app. Live-streaming is one of trending social innovation among gamers which can promise longer sessions from players.

Social media and slot games

AI and VR

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are the three major technologies that every game developer have their eyes on. Any new progress in these technologies will provide new ways for slot game developers to implement in their games. VR is the technology that is expected to boom in the next decade, and the game developers are already releasing their demo games to give their audience an experience of what is coming.

Three Ways in Which Casinos Are Gambling On Technology

Three Ways in Which Casinos Are Gambling On Technology

Casinos have never stopped experimenting with technology to expand their business. Ever since the internet was made available for people, casinos have found new ways to connect with gamblers. The online sports betting and casino platforms are easily available to players from around the world irrespective of the regulations set by their governments. The old times when casinos hosted land-based casinos with real slot machines are slowly getting overtaken by online platforms. According to a report, the total budget of the online gambling industry will grow to $525 billion by 2023.

While we enjoy casino games, we also need to learn about the technologies that are driving this market. Casino game developers and platforms understand the importance of every technology very well and are implementing new ways to provide better gambling experience to their users. Here are the three technologies that are impactful in creating a better market for casinos.

Virtual Reality

VR technology is one of the blooming technologies which will be available in full potential in the next decade. It is especially a new step in the entire gaming industry. The casinos are also interested in implementing VR in their games. One such example is live casino gaming using the VR sets and 360 webcams.VR will provide players to get into a completely new gaming experience in a virtual world. Even though the technology still has not reached its maximum potential, in future it can promise major steps to revolutionize gaming. It will open new platforms for players to interact and play with others while playing from their homes. Live dealers are appointed at the tables which will be connected through webcams. You can sit at the podiums of the race tracks and enjoy your favourite horse racing while connected by VR.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Casinos are a business and an enterprise like any other industry. It is a complete organization which has a human resource, accounting, contracts, and working schedules. ECM is a technology which can benefit the casinos along with other enterprises to manage their business. The casinos are already implementing ECM techniques to reduce the cost and logistics of management of their important data. Keeping track of documents is a problem is a daunting task for an organization which hosts a platform for thousands of customers every day. This is where ECM will become useful for casinos.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

One of the advanced technologies available today is the AI. New roles are being appointed to AI, and even casinos are benefitting from it. Today the AI is more powerful and accurate than ever. It can perform several management tasks with ease in no time. The casinos have the AI which can beat even the top-level poker players. As amazing as it sounds, the AI is an improved customer service provider who can ease the communication between casinos and customers. An AI can help the customers with everything they need to offer a more personalized experience in their casino platform.

A Geek's Guide To The Future Of Slot Game Technology

A Geek’s Guide To The Future Of Slot Game Technology

Slots have come a long way which means that over the past few years. Slots were known to be the money-making of a casino, but as they were becoming more and more boring, they started losing their popularity. With the internet and mobile devices, one can easily play the right slots, which can comfort you from your own home. There are many modern slots which are more advanced and sophisticated. There are many technical and innovative changes that have occurred over the last thirty years. The future of the online slot machine games is still changing where there are many advancements which can allow one to have the best experience.


3D slots

3D slots

Slots can easily be played with all sort of slot devices which is predominantly played on the desktop computers, laptops. With these kinds of gadgets, one can be sure about everything continually becoming more and more advanced. There are many versions of the updates which have allowed a person to have better performance. The capabilities are increasingly sophisticated, and with 3D slots, one can say that the games become more and more sophisticated. The 3D slots provide a lot more from the mobile system and other processing power games. The graphics are more advanced as they can render the 3D, sound effects and also immerse the player into the game.

Virtual reality slots

This is another type of virtual reality slots which is more popular that the virtual reality slot. Virtual reality slots are becoming fully functional and are providing real money virtual casino experience. Slots are now being designed with the Oculus headsets which can be connected without the need of goggles. This is the next big things when it comes to enjoying the online gambling industry. These virtual reality slots can replicate real-life experiences, which is land-based for the online gambling industry.

Social slots


Not everyone enjoys to play their games solo and competing with anyone is to win a prize. There are many games which you can play, allowing you to win a prize. There are many mobile, desktops, computers and console games that you can enjoy. They help you encourage the players to play together, which can provide them with means of communications with another player to play and compete to win the ultimate goal. Progressive jackpots get the jackpots a high amount of money which can allow one to have the best wagers in the effort of a group wins.

social slots

In conclusion

With the significant development in 3D and virtual reality slots, one can say the future of slot game technology is going to be full-on innovation and breakthroughs, and the core mechanism of the slot will stay the same. With the gaming industry making changes the video games and the slot gaming technology seems to grow.

Decoding the Technology Behind Online Slots

Decoding the Technology Behind Online Slots

The world of online slots is exciting, interesting and innovative. Due to that, a lot of individuals come forward to play the game and then move ahead to recommend the same to others. Such actions bring about a good image towards the game, and developers are already in the process of creating more of the same value. So what drives online slots or how does it function? The best way to answer that particular question is to decode the technology that runs the program. Hence, let’s go ahead and do it.

The Software

The software used by online casinos is a significant addition that has changed things for the better. It has improved the extent of benefits and provided numerous solutions for a lot of problems faced by players. It works by using a specific computer component that is widely known as the ‘Random Number Generator’ (RBG). As the name suggests, it’s primary purpose is to create random number sequences in intervals like a millisecond, all day, or every day. Due to that, we are exposed to different number sequences each time we spin the reel.

Since the RNG lies at a particular number sequence, it determines the same when you press spin which later determines the symbol. So as far as the outcome is concerned, the only thing standing between you and the prize money is the precise second needed to click the mouse. Hence, it moves ahead to be impossible. The random number generator is also rigorously tested before going through different stages of installation. As a result, the machine is free from manipulation and opens the door for a fair game.

The RNG is widely popular, and the benefits of the technology have led online gambling sites to implement the same. Due to that, they have also been certified by Technical System Testing (TST). So in case you’re trying to find an authentic site for playing slots, you need to either check for RNG or the certification. With its fundamentals and basic rules moving ahead to be the same, it is quite easy to find things out.


Since gambling software is not manufactured by the site, they tend to rely on specific providers. Some of these providers tend to have a reputable name in the industry, and we are going to list them in detail.


1. Microgaming – it is the biggest provider in the industry, and they were launched back in 1994. With their top-notch resources, they have created around 800 online casino games.

2. Playtech – this is another provider known for bringing about different kinds of games since it’s initial days back in 1999. The provider is also responsible for creating a few of the most popular online slots in the industry.

Analyzing the Technology That Drives Slot Machines

Analyzing the Technology That Drives Slot Machines

Choosing slot machines over a massive list of gambling games is not something surprising. In fact, the aspects of demand have also indicated a similar story. Due to all that, slot machines are popular gaming devices, well-known to all gamblers around the planet. If one has to credit this to any particular aspect, then it has to be the technology with which it functions. So to shed more light on the same, here’s our detailed analysis of this very technology.

1. RNG (Random Number Generator)

The best way to begin this learning process would be to start with RNG. To clarify things, RNG or Random Number generators are algorithms that rely on unpredictability in order to create a constant set of numbers that are only related to the randomness of the pattern in the same algorithm. In slot machines, these RNGs are applied to graphics and various other elements that generate a result every single time the machine has been activated. Thanks to the nature of uncertainty, one can never know what these machines will give out.


2. Coding

There are numerous platforms that can be used to develop games based on the requirement in hand. Although C, C++, Python, and other languages are widely used programs, things are a little different in our current day and age. A lot of developers are moving forward to utilize augmented reality and virtual reality in order to develop and create slot games. Since the current aspects of demand have similar requirements, these developers leave no stone unturned when it comes to shaping things in the right manner.

3. Design

The many layers of design in a slot machine is quite popular as it carries the game forward. If not for the design, then players wouldn’t be able to navigate through the game and complete it to perfection. For this purpose, numerous tools such as JavaScript, Maya and Photoshop are used as they help to take everything in the proper direction. Apart from that, sound design is also a considerable aspect, and various engineers go all around the same to bring out a possible outcome. But a substantial advancement in this venture has to be the user experience since it is intended to cater to the needs of the players.



Gaming technologies usually follow a subscription-based system that is closely tied to its development and design. All the big names in the industry of software developers offer numerous payment options as it is critical to attracting customers. By doing so, the basis of functionality also moves forward and directs things for the path ahead. Since technology is an innovative window, we may never know when these options will become obsolete to changes.

How Does the Future of Online Gaming Look like in 2020?

How Does the Future of Online Gaming Look like in 2020?

The different features and options put forward by online gaming make us wonder about the extent of such changes. Can there be technology in the future that can outsmart this? Well, if you’ve been wondering about it in 2020, then we have a bunch of answers for you. The future of online gaming is not going to face a downward slip; instead, it is going to rise in 2020. So to provide credible points about that statement and help you understand, here are essential gaming trends shaping the future in 2020.

1. AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are all here to stay and make notable changes in the road ahead. They have managed to embrace each other with developers showing signs of games that could rock this technology. The different drawbacks that they faced in the past might become obsolete with innovation coming in time to save them. As a result, gamers will witness a lot of games being associated with this technology as they try to make things interesting. So in terms of features and adrenaline-pumping experience, the future of gaming looks perfect.

Cloud Gaming

2. Cloud Gaming

Cloud solutions are slowly gaining a foothold in the market with numerous platforms coming ahead to endorse the same. Basing entertainment and other notable features, these solutions will fit any description that requires a change. So in the near future, gamers will not be asked to download or update games since the cloud has all the answers. Apart from gaming, streaming platforms are also stepping in to garner a place by following a cue from online gaming. Although a significant concern about the same was the cost, experts believe that things are going to be affordable by the end of the year.

3. Cross-Platform Gaming

Game publishers are all set to take over other platforms and expand their market like never before. So games will be inclusive of a majority of needs and requirements displayed by the player. This is possible through cross-platform gaming, and it awakens the audience to a new benchmark that can skyrocket sales and demand. But the extent to which it pushes the limit can only be understood once we wait and watch the show unfold.

4. 5G Mobile Gaming

5G Mobile Gaming

Internet speed and gaming have a direct link that everyone is aware of. A lot of individuals have faced problems with the same, and a lot feel it is reliable. Regardless, the future is going to change everything for the better with 5G Mobile Gaming. Stories related to buffering and lagging will become a thing of the past, and everyone will be glad about the same. But it is also known that 5G mobile gaming is under different stages of development.

The Future of Slots

The Future of Slots

Slot machines have been a driving force for the business that has optimised both online and offline casinos. The fierce competition that drives both these sectors incorporates change and various other aspects. These forms of change are quite crucial in raising the number of customers. But can this change also transform slots and change its future? If current stats and situations are to be believed, then the answer is yes. Slots will change in the future by having a close link to Virtual Reality (VR). Yes, that’s right. Various gaming options have already been struck with VR and slots will eventually fall for the same.

Understanding Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is nothing but a computer-simulated reality that one enters by wearing a unique gadget called the VR headset. Since these are also becoming common, you must know that there are numerous VR headsets available in the market. They help to provide projections and take you to another form of reality. Due to that, players will be able to interact with this new environment through a set of actions such as shaking their heads, voice commands and so on.

Virtual Reality and Casinos

Virtual Reality and Casinos

Mobile gambling has seen a new surge in gamers since it is easy and accessible. This particular on-the-go form of gambling has awakened many individuals with the hope of witnessing something new and extraordinary. As a result, numerous advantages come to the table, and Virtual Reality is also known to compliment the same. With VR gaming, mobile gambling takes another step forward and makes things all the more enjoyable. The entire gaming experience becomes innovative, and people will soon begin to fall for it. Since it brings a host of advantages, one can also assume that it is here to stay.

Main Features

The only way through which an individual can be attracted towards something is through the definitive features that it provides or how it changes the current set of terms. In that manner, VR is safe since it brightens up your world. A 360-degree experience and a bunch of different settings are all in place to guide you through some of the best games in the business. So slots will meet a different change and can make matters click for the better.

The Aspect of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence

AI has appeared in so many papers and research work that looks towards the future. So what about slots and gambling? Will it make an appearance? Well, the answer is another straight, yes. Through realistic characters and other essential features, AI will shape slots, making it as innovative as possible. By playing the game, you will be accustomed to an experience that guards all your preferences and makes them last for the better.

Video Slots and its Future

Video Slots and its Future

The casino business has always been at the brink of transformation with effective changes coming in every now and then. From online casinos to mobile casinos, we have witnessed a lot. In these changing times, it is quite essential to make a note of specific games and analyse its Future. For that very purpose, we will be looking into everything about Video slots and analyse what its Future may look like. Hence, let’s keep everything aside and quickly look into video slots.

1. What are they?

Video slots are an electronic invention that played a massive role in replacing the slot machine. It can be interacted through a computer monitor, and it will present the video slot on screen using digital buttons, unlike actual slot handles. So the difference is clearly visible and is for everyone to acknowledge. Apart from that, the significant advantage that it brought to the table was innovation. Slot developers had the opportunity to expand their creative horizons with video slots rather than sticking to restrictions imposed by slot machines.

2. What makes them interesting?

Apart from the fun of gambling, video slot players have a lot more to be happy about. Online casinos that boast the game also add bonuses and other kinds of rewards that can be redeemed by playing the same. This particular form of integration was well appreciated by individuals as they looked to concur various aspects of the game. With free spins and other eligible additions, one cannot blame them for falling to the feature. So the experience is thrilling, and people seem to be enjoying the same. As a result, demand grew, and all kinds of online casinos had to include video slots to their list of gambling games.

3. What does it hold in the Future?

At first, individuals were concerned about launching video slots because people were confused about whether or not the game would be able to capture the market. But their concerns were clarified to a large extent since people reacted positively to this change in technology. The digital world accepted the game and made it famous. Due to that, people now want to know what the game holds in the Future.

What does it hold in the Future

Experts and other kinds of individuals believe that video slots might be the only slot remaining in the Future. Although certain casinos have not adapted to these machines, a huge chunk of the population has already changed. So in the Future, video slots could be dominant with a comprehensive market both at offline and online casinos. But with AI around the corner, it is quite possible that the game might change and develop into something different. Since valid evidence does not support this claim, we refuse to endorse it.