Decoding the Technology Behind Online Slots

Decoding the Technology Behind Online Slots

The world of online slots is exciting, interesting and innovative. Due to that, a lot of individuals come forward to play the game and then move ahead to recommend the same to others. Such actions bring about a good image towards the game, and developers are already in the process of creating more of the same value. So what drives online slots or how does it function? The best way to answer that particular question is to decode the technology that runs the program. Hence, let’s go ahead and do it.

The Software

The software used by online casinos is a significant addition that has changed things for the better. It has improved the extent of benefits and provided numerous solutions for a lot of problems faced by players. It works by using a specific computer component that is widely known as the ‘Random Number Generator’ (RBG). As the name suggests, it’s primary purpose is to create random number sequences in intervals like a millisecond, all day, or every day. Due to that, we are exposed to different number sequences each time we spin the reel.

Since the RNG lies at a particular number sequence, it determines the same when you press spin which later determines the symbol. So as far as the outcome is concerned, the only thing standing between you and the prize money is the precise second needed to click the mouse. Hence, it moves ahead to be impossible. The random number generator is also rigorously tested before going through different stages of installation. As a result, the machine is free from manipulation and opens the door for a fair game.

The RNG is widely popular, and the benefits of the technology have led online gambling sites to implement the same. Due to that, they have also been certified by Technical System Testing (TST). So in case you’re trying to find an authentic site for playing slots, you need to either check for RNG or the certification. With its fundamentals and basic rules moving ahead to be the same, it is quite easy to find things out.


Since gambling software is not manufactured by the site, they tend to rely on specific providers. Some of these providers tend to have a reputable name in the industry, and we are going to list them in detail.


1. Microgaming – it is the biggest provider in the industry, and they were launched back in 1994. With their top-notch resources, they have created around 800 online casino games.

2. Playtech – this is another provider known for bringing about different kinds of games since it’s initial days back in 1999. The provider is also responsible for creating a few of the most popular online slots in the industry.

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