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Latest News

  • Tips to Playing Online Slot Machines  

    Slot machines are a cornerstone of modern online casinos, so most sites will have a variety of them. There has been a huge rise in the number of people who want to play slot machines on the Internet. You can find the ideal game from among the many available. Let’s go through the best ways to improve your chances of winning and overall enjoyment when playing slot machines online.

    When gambling on slots online, stick to trusted sites

    The reputation of a slot machine is generally the deciding factor in whether a person would play it or not. This is especially true if they have a particular preference for that particular space. This is how the casino gains the trust of the community.

    There are other ways to verify a casino’s legitimacy, though. One option is to speak with regulars about their experiences playing the casino’s games. Hearing people’s frank assessments of the casino’s merits and shortcomings is invaluable.

    Second, the casino’s gambling licence is a good indicator of its reliability. Possessing a valid licence issued by a recognised online gambling regulating organisation is a no-brainer that will ensure the security of your gaming experience. Choosing a casino that has been issued a licence by a reputable regulatory body such as the Curacao Gaming Commissioner, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, or the Malta Gaming Authority is a safe bet.

    Consider your genuine emotions as well. This way, you may learn more about the game and the odds before placing a genuine bet. A casino that doesn’t put any effort into its website likely doesn’t care about its players.

    Find the best slot machine for your needs

    Like internet casinos, online slot machines will have their own distinct identities. Before you put real money into a slot machine, be sure it’s a good fit for you. You don’t want to lose more money than you win.

    Finding out the percentage of money won back to the player is the first order of business. The Return to Player (RTP) is directly proportional to the house edge. In terms of player satisfaction, a slot machine with a return to player percentage (RTP) near to 100% is optimal.

    Perfectly fair slots are unlikely to be found, but you should have no problem locating machines with a payout percentage of 98% or more. Any machine with a payout percentage that is lower than 94% is considered to be a bad bet.

    If you want to know how often a slot machine pays out, you need to look at its volatility. When the slot’s volatility is low, more regular winning spins will occur, but each will only pay out a small amount.

    Learn about slot machines

    By learning the slot’s layout, you may better prepare for any problems that may arise. Find information about the slot’s free spins, bonus rounds, jackpots, paylines, symbols, reels, and any deposit bonuses the casino offers.

    Knowing if a symbol is a multiplier, wild, or scatter might increase your chances of winning. Understanding the maximum bet per line and the slot’s volatility requires familiarity with the game’s mechanics.

    Your chances of winning games and making smart choices will improve if you read the fine print.

    Explore the demo version and see how it works

    If you practise with play money first, you may get the hang of the machine and feel more comfortable before risking your money. You have the option of trying out all of the free spins, bonuses and winning combinations that are available when playing for real money.

    Get a sense of the game’s mechanics and the rewards for various symbol combinations by playing for free. The demo is a terrific place to start if you want to get a feel for the slot’s gameplay and features.

    Increase the number of your claims as much as possible

    When a player activates a bonus round or wins several free spins, the true allure of an online slot machine becomes clear. Gaining access to free spins and bonus rounds is a great way to rapidly increase your profits without raising your stake.

    When you play a different slot machine, your odds of winning and the bonuses you might receive will be different. As soon as a new player signs up and makes their first deposit, they are eligible to claim the welcome bonus. Extra bonuses might come in the form of cashback, reloads, or initial deposits.

    The slot’s bonuses and extras may seem enticing at first, but you should read and understand the terms and conditions before utilising them. Keep in mind any restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount that may be wagered.

    Use the jackpots to your advantage

    There are many jackpots up for grabs when you spin the reels of your slot machine. As a result of this knowledge, it is prudent to search for a slot machine that contributes to a progressive jackpot. With them, you may enter a larger price drawing that has been building up over time.

    The jackpot of a slot machine with a progressive jackpot increases until it is won. The money wasn’t won or lost at any one casino, which is a benefit.

    No matter which casino you play it in or whatever slot machine you play it on, the progressive slot machine will always pay out the same amount of money. Remember that a progressive slot machine’s return to player percentage (RTP) will be lower than that of a standard slot machine’s RTP.

    Be careful not to focus solely on victory

    You shouldn’t go into slot playing to get rich quickly; having fun should be your first goal. However, many players are motivated only by the prospect of financial gain.

    Proper slot play has the potential to multiply even modest wins into substantial sums. Only play the slot machines that allow the smallest stakes.


    Anytime, wherever, and for as long as you choose, you may spin the reels of an online slot machine. How much you can afford to put down on each bet is the only thing to think about. Most, if not all, feature straightforward designs and gameplay. The time has come when you can no longer procrastinate playing some fantastic slot games at your preferred online casinos.

  • Withdrawal Methods at New Zealand Online Casinos

    For the love of betting, New Zealand seems to take the lead. Players, there are spoilt of choice when it comes to the huge number of casinos at their disposal. But the joy of gambling can only be experienced if players can win and withdraw their money with ease. As we all know, there are many unreliable withdrawal methods out there that are nothing but trouble to the players. You need something that can allow you to play and withdraw your money without any problems. That’s why this article outlines some New Zealand withdrawal methods that you can use to get your money after making that huge win. Read through to make an informed choice.

    1. Wire Transfer

    Are you looking forward to the best and instant withdrawal methods at New Zealand online casinos? Wire transfer is one of the recommended ways of withdrawing cash from your favorite online casino account. Unlike other withdrawal methods that involve a lot processes, wire transfer is here to guarantee you simple and straightforward money processing. Using the method is easy; you only need to key in your banking details then wait for the money to get into your account to celebrate your huge win. With wire transfer, delay is not a major factor to worry about. After withdrawal, you need to wait for about 5-10 day for the cash to reflect into your online casino account and nothing more than this period. Wire transfer is the best withdrawal method at New Zealand online casinos.

    2. E-Wallet Withdrawal Method

    As the globe evolves, new trends tend to hit the gambling industry in New Zealand. For instance, E-wallet has come to help make it easy for you to withdraw your winnings from your online casino accounts. One of the best things about e-wallets is that you don’t have to wait for days before you receive your money. Since several options involve in the withdrawing cash from an online casino account using e-wallet method, the withdrawal only depends on the specific e-wallet. Many of the casino enthusiasts in New Zealand now have several options brought about by the use of e-wallets. E-wallet is here to provide you with the faster withdrawal process. It is also the best way to transfer your cash to your preferred e-wallet accounts. It is the best method you should always opt for if you don’t want to wait for days to get your money. e-wallets include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

    3. Credit Card

    Credit Card is among the withdrawal methods that New Zealand online casino players can opt for to withdraw their money. Getting cash to your online casino account is one of the fantastic experiences to many of online casino enthusiasts in New Zeeland. With the faster transaction, lower rates, and even ease of use make the method the best amongst all. To use this method, the cashier will require you to provide all the card information required when making a credit card payment. Upon submission of card information, wait for about 2-3 days to enjoy your full cash payments. The method allows for international transactions. This means that you can easily withdraw cash from any part of the world without issues.

    4. Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies are one of the best withdrawal methods to use at New Zealand online casino. is the best option to think of. Many players still don’t understand this transaction method as it involves a lot of technology but you’re assured that it’s one of the best methods. This fantastic withdrawal method guarantees you faster withdrawals. You won’t need to wait longer to get your money and once you master it well; you won’t experience any issues with your withdrawal. Also, using cryptocurrencies provide you with a list of benefits. For instance, it ensures smooth withdrawing process upon submission of all your necessary details. The method is reputable to eliminate all of the transaction fees, easily accessible to enable you to enjoy your transaction process. Not to mention that it’s now available in almost all online casinos in New Zealand. Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum among others.

    5. Visa and MasterCard

    If you are an online casino lover and you’ve not tested Visa and Master card for withdrawal, then you are missing a lot. They go hand in hand with credit cards where those who don’t have credit cards are bound to use either Visa or Master card. Master card and Visa accounts are essential in that they allow both instant deposits and safest payment options. It is more secured from any of the frauds and scammers struggling to access your accounts. With using a master card system allows the account owner to make a withdrawal once a unique code is sent via email or mobile for each transaction.

    6. POLI

    POLI is another vital withdrawal method at New Zealand online casino. It is also popular and leading method with a couple of benefits. Online casino lovers in New Zealand always have different choices when it comes to withdrawal of the winnings, but the few who choose POLI always have a sense of smile on their faces. The reason is, POLI users are highly advantaged, and they can carry out cash transaction with the exclusion of credit cards. Just like any other methods that require registration, POLI methods allow easy withdrawal even without you registering to the system. Moreover, not all online casino withdrawal method will provide you with an easy connection to the multiple devices. But upon downloading the POLI app, you can easily access to your different devices such as a laptop for flexible cash withdrawals.

    7. Ukash

    As you are looking for the best withdrawal method at New Zealand, Ukash is another standard method of withdrawal in the City. With the aid of Virtual Vouchers, the method is reputable to provide you with a safe and instant online withdrawal process. Since some of the online casino withdrawal methods are marked with a lot of inflexibility, controlling your bankroll can be an uphill task. Worry not, the choice of Ukash is not for granted, it ensures you easily control your bankroll, easy to use, among others.

    Bottom Line

    After reading our withdrawal methods at New Zealand online casinos, you should not have any problem of choosing the best way for withdrawal. Keep in mind that there are still other methods that can also promise you excellent features. Make sure the casino you choose to register with offers your preferred withdrawal method to avoid any trouble.

  • Why You Should Play at Fast Payout Casinos

    In the current generation where everything is hurried, getting fast payouts from casinos is extremely important. The prospect of having to wait for several days for your winnings to reflect in your account can be quite disappointing for most players. In the past, casino players have had to wait up to 3 days before the winnings are completely processed and disbursed. There are cases where players have been forced to two weeks or even longer periods. However, this is no longer the case with fast payout casinos. Most casinos have adopted instant payment methods in a bid to retain their customers. Casinos have now integrated instant payout systems that allow them to receive and discuss payments instantly and securely. This is exactly what every Gambler wants seems they all love casinos that offer fast payouts. Getting paid instantly can be coming and gives you an extra confidence boost. Additionally, you get to spend the profits and through your gaming much faster. Not only do fast payout casinos come with no pending periods but they also disburse the payments in full.

    While the fast payouts and time-saving nature of such casinos are obvious advantages, there are many different ways to get to benefit from playing at a fast payout casino. First, taking your gaming to a fast payout casino means that you get to receive your payment in a significantly shorter time. It is the dream of every Gambler to find an online casino that offers fast payouts. With such a casino, the player receives the payment immediately after withdrawing their money regardless of the payment method they choose or their location.

    Once you submit a request to make a withdrawal, you get the money in well under 24 hours. Less stress is also a reason enough for you to make the switch to a fast payout casino. When you get paid quickly, you have nothing to worry about since you do not have to wait for several these are a couple of weeks without knowing the exact time you are going to get your money. While contacting customer support can give you a confidence boost under such circumstances, most of them tend to be rude and unhelpful and this only increases your stress levels instead of helping.

    The fact that fast payouts make it easier for you to budget also works in your favour. According to most people that have played at a fast payout casino, their budgeting has improved significantly as a result of this since it makes it easier for a player to come up with an effective plan on how to utilize the money. With a quick payout casino, the player knows exactly when they are going to receive their money hence they can draw an appropriate budget. This is especially important for professional casino players that earn a living out of casino games as it puts them in a position to make timely payments for all of their bills and sustain a steady flow of income.

    The highly responsive and helpful customer support that has become the trademark for most casinos that offer quick payouts is also another reason why many people continue to make the switch from the old model. Professionalism is an important aspect when it comes to the management of clients and this is reflected in the quick response times shown by the customer service. Most companies in this industry have several customer support options which makes it easier for clients to decide whether they are going to communicate with customer support agents through phone calls, email, live chat, or text message. Ignoring complaints from players is unheard of whether the most reputable quick payout casinos. This gives the player the confidence of knowing that any unexpected occurrence is going to be addressed in an instant.

    Apart from this, the numerous payment options offered by the most reputable first payout casinos can be quite appealing to most players. Most casinos with quick payout capabilities are characterized by multiple banking options including Skrill and Neteller among others. Finding the right payment options is a priority for some casino players, those with low income to be specific. Since casinos with fast payouts are meant for everybody, they offer different payment options to ensure that no one is left out.

    If you are a typical gambler, huge payout rates are among your priorities. This is another reason why casinos that offer quick payouts are going to be appealing to you. With most of the fast payout casinos, there are no transaction fees for any completed transaction. In addition to this, the games tend to get better when higher stakes are involved. Regardless of whether you are playing a table game or slots, you are going to notice bigger winnings which are going to reflect in the form of bigger payout rates.

    Fast payout casinos, just like ordinary casinos, have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a significant margin and you must consider taking your gaming to a fast payout casino. You can find one by checking any of these available casino review sites to conduct comparisons for multiple casinos each day. Some of the most reliable casino review websites invest some money and time to play different table games and slots on different websites and come up with a run for the best casinos that offer fast payouts based on their experiences.

    Getting suggestions from other gamblers and friends can also lead you to some of the best quick paying casinos. Checking out casino forums can be quite informative since most people that spend their time playing casino games do the same interacting with other gamblers on different social groups and forums on the internet. Just like they spend time exchanging ideas and tips on how to play different casino games, they also share their experiences with different casinos pointing out the best and highlighting those that should be avoided. This makes it a good place for anyone looking to gather more information about the best casinos with quick payouts. Getting suggestions from a friend is also a good way for you to identify some of the best quick paying casinos. Since a friend is less likely to mislead you, you can be sure that the information they share with you regarding casinos that offer fast payouts is reliable enough to aid you in the decision-making process.

    Conducting a manual search to provide you with some useful information about quick payout casinos. Casinos understand that every player wants to enjoy a quick payout. Because of you this, they advertise their capability to process extremely fast payouts which makes it easy for you to locate such a casino through an internet search. However, make sure you check out the reviews made by some of the players that have used the services of the casino in the past to determine whether it is reliable or not.

    Although finding a casino that processes fast payouts can be a daunting task, it is not impossible to locate one. Making a decision based on suggestions from friends and online reviews can help you identify some of the most reliable and fast payout casinos. Alternatively, you can make use of the internet by joining casino forums or conducting internet searches. If you come across a reputable casino that processes payouts within 24 hours, make sure you complete the registration process as fast as possible since finding one can be very difficult. There are many different ways you get to benefit from the first paying casino but the quality of their services is reason enough.

  • 4 Amazing New Slot Games of 2020

    Zodiac Lion

    Zodiac Lion comes in at number 1 being a game created by a company that is known as International Game Technology. Moreover, IGT is an International Gambling Company that produces slot machines and other gambling equipment. Continuing, IGT is a company headquartered in The United Kingdom that was founded in the year 1990. They also have operational offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Providence, Rhode Island, and Rome, Italy. Lastly, with their production facility being in Reno, Nevada. This shows that this company is a very reputable slot machine and gambling technology company. Furthermore, they have been known to make a lot of great slot machines and Zodiac Lion definitely does not disappoint when it comes to slot machines. Zodiac Lion is a video 5 reel slot machine game that has a very different and unique configuration that is set up on the five reels. The unique configurations set up starts with its odd slot numbers, meaning one, three, and five, only have four different images on their reels. While, the even-numbered reels, meaning two and four, have 5 different images making for a very unique type of combinations that you can have when playing on this machine. It should also be noted that the shit slot machine is housed inside of IGT’s Crystal Curve Slot holder. Moreover, the slot machine works with a $1 bet on a 1 cent machine. Whenever lion images appear the game then in visual fashion transforms into an image showing wild. This would make you jump in joy if you notice a lot of lion images on your slot machine. Lastly, whenever you get three or more lion symbols shown on the screen and they lock into place when spinning the next thing you will notice that you will get free spins from a giant wheel for more free spins and multipliers.

    Monopoly Electric Win$

    Monopoly Electric Win$ is a great new fun slot machine based off of the popular Monopoly board game. Moreover, the company that made this new and amazing slot machine is called the Scientific Games Corporation, which is an American company. Though, they are based in America Scientific Games Corporation is an international corporation that supplies many around the world with online casino and lottery products and technology. Furthermore, they are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and were founded by John Kosa and Daniel Bower. Continuing, Scientific Games was started in 1973 and was an instant lotto ticket machine manufacturer but was then acquired by Autotote in 2000 starting the international company they are today. Now, for the Slot Machine Monopoly Electric Win$. This is a very exciting fun slot machine to play and just like every year a new Monopoly slot machine is a great place to start a year off for slots. This slot machine has six reels and twenty lines for you to play with. Moreover, this slot machine has a grand amount of fun bonuses when playing this slot machine. Moreover, another cool feature this game has multiple machines with different bets from as high as 50 cents to as low as 1 cent with a cool bonus bet feature. What you really want to get when playing this slot machine is a board bonus and when you get one you get to roll a pair of dice on screen in which you can win 4 jackpot prizes or 6 bonus prizes. Lastly, you can also win free spins on this machine too. Whenever you land a Monopoly Electric Win$ image on screen you get 10 free spins making for an exciting way to stack up against your rewards.

    The Vault

    The Vault is a new fun unique slot machine made by the company called Everi Holdings Inc., which used to be known as Global Cash Access Holdings Inc. Moreover, the company was started in 1998 as a three company partnership that all did payment processing. The company known as First Data Financial Services was the company that helped them get into the gambling or gaming business. Next, the company is also an American business headquartered in Spring Valley, Nevada, which is a state that is known for housing many great gaming companies headquartered there. Everi Holdings Inc. company that works in both financial services and also gaming and gambling services. Now, to the amazing new slot machine known as The Vault, is a unique game where you have an empty vault you must fill up to win big. A cool feature about this slot machine is that you can pick three different games to play. Furthermore, each game has a standard of five one penny reels to play with. Moreover, there is a cool full vault bonus feature that works between all of the games you can play. One thing you really want to get when playing this slot machine is an Empty the Vault respin bonus, where you can garnish some good rewards and cash in big. When this pops up you will get into a lock and respin mode where if you get three special images in a row prizes will then fall from the screen into the vault. Another really cool feature when playing this slot machine is that it works with other people playing the same slot machine. Moreover, when playing this game you can earn a cool unique bonus called Diamond Rush Bonus feature where you get to steal diamonds from other players making for a very fun interesting feature when playing this slot machine.

    Super Lit Vegas

    Super Lit Vegas will be the last new slot machine shared in the passage. Continuing, Super Lit Vegas was created by a company known as Ainsworth Game Technology. Ainsworth Game Technology is a company headquartered in New South Wales, Australia. Moreover, the company was founded in the year 1995 and has a parent company called Novomatic AG. The person who founded the company is named Len Ainsworth whose main goal was to become the top supplier of all gaming technology and supplies. Moreover, they were one of the first companies to introduce a great visual and interactive slot machine as stable amongst their peers. Lastly, the company’s vision is clear and concise simply stating,” To deliver excellence in Global Gaming Solutions,” so this is the company that has made the new great slot machine called Super Lit Vegas. Super Lit Vegas is a new fun slot machine that is under Ainsworth Game Technology specific slot machine line called their Quick Spin family. These families of games feature a unique system where you gain the chance for spins in a quick 7 play system. Throughout your spins, you gain an image that looks like an orb. The thing you will hope to get is 7 or 8 of these images that contain an orb. So, when you get the right amount of orbs the game will then switch over to a wheel spin that can allow you to get more credits in which you can keep or choose to use to keep playing. The cool thing about this feature is that you can win up to 10,000 credits. Lastly, to share is the amazing free spin feature all you need 3 free spin images and you will then get 15 free spins with a chance to win even more.

  • The Greatest Slot Game Developers Available Today

    A lot of times when a gambler plays a slot, they usually have one already in mind based on who the developer of the slot is. Sure, winning money is important and themes associated with slots are nice to have, but the over design and development of the slot is what usually keeps gamers coming back.

    So if you don’t have a favorite slot developer, then you should maybe think of having a favorite if you love playing slots. With so many developers available, we decided to list 9 of the best slot game developers currently available today.

    Williams Interactive

    Originally known as Williams Manufacturing, they can be considered a pioneer in the gaming industry that began in the 1940s while they developed pinball machines. They then expanded their gaming capabilities to include actual slot machines. When 1996 came around, Williams Interactive developed and released their video slot known as Reel ‘Em In. Then during 2012, Williams Manufacturing formed its Williams Interactive section which is the companies online slot section.

    Because of this long-standing in the slot and gaming industry, players from every part of the world are able to take part in every slot game that they provide. Plus, players can enjoy the many attributes including additional rows, reels that cascade, symbols that lock, and many other unique characteristics that will permit players to increase their chances of winning.

    Slot games available through Williams Interactive are able to give players an RTP that is rarely seen and can be as much as 99%. A few examples where this can be found is in slots such as Monopoly Big Event, Ooh Aah Dracula, Nemo’s Voyage, and many others that are inspired by film and TV. Williams Interactive also implements an instant-play design where players can also play their favorite slots via a normal internet browser.


    International Game Technology (IGT) provides slot games to both brick and mortar casinos and online versions. IGT has been in the industry since 1981 which has allowed them to gain a lot of industry experience when it comes to slot design and development. Plus, with a Wagerworks partnership taking place in 2005, IGT has been able to offer all of its regular slot games online. Players also do not need to worry about downloading any type of software in order to enjoy their games.

    The amount of games that IGT provides is not huge; however, their selection does include slots that are capable of capturing and keeping a gambler’s attention. A few of the IGT slots that you may have heard of include Pharaoh’s Fortune, Wolf Run, Wheel of Fortune, Family Guy, and Da Vinci Diamonds.

    Play’n Go

    Based in Sweden, Play’n Go is one of many slot developers that have flourished from the richness that Sweden provides. Of course, it helps that the country is very supportive of online gambling and casinos. With a high amount of popular slots available, they are presented through a high amount of pleasing visual effects, creativity, a high amount of action, and the potential to provide a high amount of wins.

    Play’n Go made their online presence during the 90s and has offered several slot games that continue to be successful today. A few of these successful titles include Wild North, Aztec Princess, 7 Sins, Book of Dead, Cops n Robbers, Aztec Idols, and Riches of Ra.

    Realtime Gaming

    Since 1998, Realtime Gaming continues to furnish online slots that are accessible by all players. Although their selection of slots doesn’t provide much as far as visuals go, they do provide a huge amount of features that make up for it. Realtime Gaming is known mainly for their slots that make up the Real Series and are sure to have you amazed by the number of bonuses that are provided as well as the possibility of winning one of their jackpots that occur randomly.

    Amid the many slots offered, you’ll surely enjoy playing Jackpot Pinatas, Aladdin’s Wishes, Enchanted Garden, Achilles, Aztec’s Millions, and Cleopatra’s Gold. Besides the high-quality slot games, Realtime Gaming provides tournaments that are against other players that reward monetary rewards. All products offered through Realtime Gaming are available as an instant version or downloadable method.

    Although there is so much positivity among what Realtime Gaming offers as far as slots are concerned, some players may not like the fact that they provide a transparent RTG percent. This means the casino offering the game is able to choose how much they will offer every player that plays their slots.


    With a long history stemming from 1999, BetSoft has been the leader in providing casino games that are 3D and have put all competitors to shame. This means their animation and visuals are equal to those that you see in a big-budget Hollywood film. This high quality makes every game that they produce a true piece of art. With the number of slot titles, we can honestly say that they are nowhere near being finished with game development.

    A few examples of the available slots include Whospunit?, Mamma Mia, Mr. Vegas, Arrival, or A Night in Paris. When you play these titles you will know exactly what we are talking about in regards to their design and graphics. No matter which slot you choose, you will be captivated by the quality of each characteristic placed within each slot story and being able to distribute a high amount of wins.


    Since 1999, Playtech has been a popular developer that very few can compare with. With experience and knowledge in many technical areas, Playtech can easily brag about their business endeavors that have included a wide range of games consisting of live games, poker, fixed odds, bingo, video poker, scratch cards, table games, video slots, and classic slots.

    As far as slots themselves, Playtech is widely recognized for its popular Marvel Series that highlights the most popular characters in their own slots such as Iron Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and TV and movie themes such as The Sopranos and Rocky. Along with these popular titles they include progressive jackpots such as Gold Rally and Beach Life that are capable of producing instant millionaires among their players. With so much good to talk about Playtech, there are a couple of downers concerning the developer and they include not being able to allow players access from the United States and their low limit for withdrawals on their games.


    Being a major game developer has allowed NextGen to provide a huge selection of games and slots available online and in a regular casino. Not only do they provide their own games, but they also partner with Icecap Studios and Side City so that there is a wide availability of titles. Not only that, but through their Open Gaming System allows the development of games too and do not require any download.

    It is easy to spot a slot developed by NextGen because of the exquisite animations and graphics that go into their games. A few examples of the features include wilds known as Up Wilds that travel up but are able to have more wilds left behind. Another wild is known as Slide-a-Wild and this lets you set the wilds anywhere you see fit. Many gamblers have fallen in love with the slots that NextGen has released with titles such as Doctor Love, Great Wild Elk, Foxin’ Wins, Medusa, and The Snake Charmer.

  • 5 Future Trends in Slot Machines 5 Future Trends in Slot Machines

    Slot machines have never failed to entertain the players since the time they existed. With every new step in technology, slot machines have utilised everything they could to provide the latest gaming experience to the gamblers. From mechanical slot machines to video slots to online slot games, the slot machines have come a long way. But does this progression have an ending? It turns out that the developers have already taken giant leaps to implement the upcoming technologies in slot machines. In the coming decade, a lot will change in the gambling industry, and slot machines will be one of the leading reasons for it. Let us look at some of the future trends that will influence slot machines.

    Bigger, better, and flashier

    Bigger, better, and flashier

    The slot machines are only becoming more attractive and better with time. The developers are working every day to make their games more attractive. Bigger cabinets, decorations, digital screens are some of the tactics that will make players sit at a slot machine. The HD screens and better sounds will make the slot machines look more desirable and rewarding. Who would not like playing at the most rewarding looking slot machine in the casino?

    Smaller, omnipresent, and compatible

    On the contrary of the big slot machines at the slot floor, the developers have also introduced small size slot machines which can be available anywhere. You can play your favourite slot games in a compact screen installed at the bar. The reason why the machines are easily accessible will automatically make the players try out more.

    More smartphone platforms

    Apart from the live casino slot games, the developers are also keen on increasing their market online. With new innovations, the slot games are becoming completely electronic, which makes them even more accessible for slot lovers. The slot games app can mimick the favourite slot games of all time to provide the same experience and control on the game with a simple app. The players can now have better control over their games through their device.

    Social media and slot games

    The integrated social media platform for slot machines will allow the users to play and share their information easily. Slot machine developers are interested in taking the idea of social media for slot machine promotions. The players can even live stream their slot games directly from their casino app. Live-streaming is one of trending social innovation among gamers which can promise longer sessions from players.

    Social media and slot games

    AI and VR

    Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are the three major technologies that every game developer have their eyes on. Any new progress in these technologies will provide new ways for slot game developers to implement in their games. VR is the technology that is expected to boom in the next decade, and the game developers are already releasing their demo games to give their audience an experience of what is coming.

  • Three Ways in Which Casinos Are Gambling On Technology Three Ways in Which Casinos Are Gambling On Technology

    Casinos have never stopped experimenting with technology to expand their business. Ever since the internet was made available for people, casinos have found new ways to connect with gamblers. The online sports betting and casino platforms are easily available to players from around the world irrespective of the regulations set by their governments. The old times when casinos hosted land-based casinos with real slot machines are slowly getting overtaken by online platforms. According to a report, the total budget of the online gambling industry will grow to $525 billion by 2023.

    While we enjoy casino games, we also need to learn about the technologies that are driving this market. Casino game developers and platforms understand the importance of every technology very well and are implementing new ways to provide better gambling experience to their users. Here are the three technologies that are impactful in creating a better market for casinos.

    Virtual Reality

    VR technology is one of the blooming technologies which will be available in full potential in the next decade. It is especially a new step in the entire gaming industry. The casinos are also interested in implementing VR in their games. One such example is live casino gaming using the VR sets and 360 webcams.VR will provide players to get into a completely new gaming experience in a virtual world. Even though the technology still has not reached its maximum potential, in future it can promise major steps to revolutionize gaming. It will open new platforms for players to interact and play with others while playing from their homes. Live dealers are appointed at the tables which will be connected through webcams. You can sit at the podiums of the race tracks and enjoy your favourite horse racing while connected by VR.

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    Casinos are a business and an enterprise like any other industry. It is a complete organization which has a human resource, accounting, contracts, and working schedules. ECM is a technology which can benefit the casinos along with other enterprises to manage their business. This is why you should play fast payout games in casinos, which are already implementing ECM techniques to reduce the cost and logistics of management of their important data. Keeping track of documents is a problem is a daunting task for an organization which hosts a platform for thousands of customers every day. This is where ECM will become useful for casinos.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    One of the advanced technologies available today is the AI. New roles are being appointed to AI, and even casinos are benefitting from it. Today the AI is more powerful and accurate than ever. It can perform several management tasks with ease in no time. The casinos have the AI which can beat even the top-level poker players. As amazing as it sounds, the AI is an improved customer service provider who can ease the communication between casinos and customers. An AI can help the customers with everything they need to offer a more personalized experience in their casino platform.

  • A Geek's Guide To The Future Of Slot Game Technology A Geek’s Guide To The Future Of Slot Game Technology

    Slots have come a long way which means that over the past few years. Slots were known to be the money-making of a casino, but as they were becoming more and more boring, they started losing their popularity. With the internet and mobile devices, one can easily play the right slots, which can comfort you from your own home. There are many modern slots which are more advanced and sophisticated. There are many technical and innovative changes that have occurred over the last thirty years. The reason for fast payout casinos is to further push this online casino evolution. The future of the online slot machine games is still changing where there are many advancements which can allow one to have the best experience.


    3D slots

    3D slots

    Slots can easily be played with all sort of slot devices which is predominantly played on the desktop computers, laptops. With these kinds of gadgets, one can be sure about everything continually becoming more and more advanced. There are many versions of the updates which have allowed a person to have better performance. The capabilities are increasingly sophisticated, and with 3D slots, one can say that the games become more and more sophisticated. The 3D slots provide a lot more from the mobile system and other processing power games. The graphics are more advanced as they can render the 3D, sound effects and also immerse the player into the game.

    Virtual reality slots

    This is another type of virtual reality slots which is more popular that the virtual reality slot. Virtual reality slots are becoming fully functional and are providing real money virtual casino experience. Slots are now being designed with the Oculus headsets which can be connected without the need of goggles. This is the next big things when it comes to enjoying the online gambling industry. These virtual reality slots can replicate real-life experiences, which is land-based for the online gambling industry.

    Social slots


    Not everyone enjoys to play their games solo and competing with anyone is to win a prize. There are many games which you can play, allowing you to win a prize. There are many mobile, desktops, computers and console games that you can enjoy. They help you encourage the players to play together, which can provide them with means of communications with another player to play and compete to win the ultimate goal. Progressive jackpots get the jackpots a high amount of money which can allow one to have the best wagers in the effort of a group wins.

    social slots

    In conclusion

    With the significant development in 3D and virtual reality slots, one can say the future of slot game technology is going to be full-on innovation and breakthroughs, and the core mechanism of the slot will stay the same. With the gaming industry making changes the video games and the slot gaming technology seems to grow.

  • Decoding the Technology Behind Online Slots Decoding the Technology Behind Online Slots

    The world of online slots is exciting, interesting and innovative. Due to that, a lot of individuals come forward to play the game and then move ahead to recommend the same to others. Such actions bring about a good image towards the game, and developers are already in the process of creating more of the same value. So what drives online slots or how does it function? The best way to answer that particular question is to decode the technology that runs the program. Hence, let’s go ahead and do it.

    The Software

    The software used by online casinos is a significant addition that has changed things for the better. It has improved the extent of benefits and provided numerous solutions for a lot of problems faced by players. It works by using a specific computer component that is widely known as the ‘Random Number Generator’ (RBG). As the name suggests, it’s primary purpose is to create random number sequences in intervals like a millisecond, all day, or every day. Due to that, we are exposed to different number sequences each time we spin the reel.

    Since the RNG lies at a particular number sequence, it determines the same when you press spin which later determines the symbol. So as far as the outcome is concerned, the only thing standing between you and the prize money is the precise second needed to click the mouse. Hence, it moves ahead to be impossible. The random number generator is also rigorously tested before going through different stages of installation. As a result, the machine is free from manipulation and opens the door for a fair game.

    The RNG is widely popular, and the benefits of the technology have led online gambling sites to implement the same. Due to that, they have also been certified by Technical System Testing (TST). So in case you’re trying to find an authentic site for playing slots, you need to either check for RNG or the certification. With its fundamentals and basic rules moving ahead to be the same, it is quite easy to find things out.


    Since gambling software is not manufactured by the site, they tend to rely on specific providers. Some of these providers tend to have a reputable name in the industry, and we are going to list them in detail.


    1. Microgaming – it is the biggest provider in the industry, and they were launched back in 1994. With their top-notch resources, they have created around 800 online casino games.

    2. Playtech – this is another provider known for bringing about different kinds of games since it’s initial days back in 1999. The provider is also responsible for creating a few of the most popular online slots in the industry.

  • Analyzing the Technology That Drives Slot Machines Analyzing the Technology That Drives Slot Machines

    Choosing slot machines over a massive list of gambling games is not something surprising. In fact, the aspects of demand have also indicated a similar story. Due to all that, slot machines are popular gaming devices, well-known to all gamblers around the planet. If one has to credit this to any particular aspect, then it has to be the technology with which it functions. So to shed more light on the same, here’s our detailed analysis of this very technology.

    1. RNG (Random Number Generator)

    The best way to begin this learning process would be to start with RNG. To clarify things, RNG or Random Number generators are algorithms that rely on unpredictability in order to create a constant set of numbers that are only related to the randomness of the pattern in the same algorithm. In slot machines, these RNGs are applied to graphics and various other elements that generate a result every single time the machine has been activated. Thanks to the nature of uncertainty, one can never know what these machines will give out.


    2. Coding

    There are numerous platforms that can be used to develop games based on the requirement in hand. Although C, C++, Python, and other languages are widely used programs, things are a little different in our current day and age. A lot of developers are moving forward to utilize augmented reality and virtual reality in order to develop and create slot games. Since the current aspects of demand have similar requirements, these developers leave no stone unturned when it comes to shaping things in the right manner.

    3. Design

    The many layers of design in a slot machine is quite popular as it carries the game forward. If not for the design, then players wouldn’t be able to navigate through the game and complete it to perfection. For this purpose, numerous tools such as JavaScript, Maya and Photoshop are used as they help to take everything in the proper direction. Apart from that, sound design is also a considerable aspect, and various engineers go all around the same to bring out a possible outcome. But a substantial advancement in this venture has to be the user experience since it is intended to cater to the needs of the players.



    Gaming technologies usually follow a subscription-based system that is closely tied to its development and design. All the big names in the industry of software developers offer numerous payment options as it is critical to attract customers. By doing so, the basis of functionality also moves forward and directs things for the path ahead. Since technology is an innovative window, which is another reason why fast payout casinos are better, so we may never know when these options will become obsolete to changes.