Withdrawal Methods at New Zealand Online Casinos

For the love of betting, New Zealand seems to take the lead. Players, there are spoilt of choice when it comes to the huge number of casinos at their disposal. But the joy of gambling can only be experienced if players can win and withdraw their money with ease. As we all know, there are many unreliable withdrawal methods out there that are nothing but trouble to the players. You need something that can allow you to play and withdraw your money without any problems. That’s why this article outlines some New Zealand withdrawal methods that you can use to get your money after making that huge win. Read through to make an informed choice.

1. Wire Transfer

Are you looking forward to the best and instant withdrawal methods at New Zealand online casinos? Wire transfer is one of the recommended ways of withdrawing cash from your favorite online casino account. Unlike other withdrawal methods that involve a lot processes, wire transfer is here to guarantee you simple and straightforward money processing. Using the method is easy; you only need to key in your banking details then wait for the money to get into your account to celebrate your huge win. With wire transfer, delay is not a major factor to worry about. After withdrawal, you need to wait for about 5-10 day for the cash to reflect into your online casino account and nothing more than this period. Wire transfer is the best withdrawal method at New Zealand online casinos.

2. E-Wallet Withdrawal Method

As the globe evolves, new trends tend to hit the gambling industry in New Zealand. For instance, E-wallet has come to help make it easy for you to withdraw your winnings from your online casino accounts. One of the best things about e-wallets is that you don’t have to wait for days before you receive your money. Since several options involve in the withdrawing cash from an online casino account using e-wallet method, the withdrawal only depends on the specific e-wallet. Many of the casino enthusiasts in New Zealand now have several options brought about by the use of e-wallets. E-wallet is here to provide you with the faster withdrawal process. It is also the best way to transfer your cash to your preferred e-wallet accounts. It is the best method you should always opt for if you don’t want to wait for days to get your money. e-wallets include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

3. Credit Card

Credit Card is among the withdrawal methods that New Zealand online casino players can opt for to withdraw their money. Getting cash to your online casino account is one of the fantastic experiences to many of online casino enthusiasts in New Zeeland. With the faster transaction, lower rates, and even ease of use make the method the best amongst all. To use this method, the cashier will require you to provide all the card information required when making a credit card payment. Upon submission of card information, wait for about 2-3 days to enjoy your full cash payments. The method allows for international transactions. This means that you can easily withdraw cash from any part of the world without issues.

4. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are one of the best withdrawal methods to use at New Zealand online casino. is the best option to think of. Many players still don’t understand this transaction method as it involves a lot of technology but you’re assured that it’s one of the best methods. This fantastic withdrawal method guarantees you faster withdrawals. You won’t need to wait longer to get your money and once you master it well; you won’t experience any issues with your withdrawal. Also, using cryptocurrencies provide you with a list of benefits. For instance, it ensures smooth withdrawing process upon submission of all your necessary details. The method is reputable to eliminate all of the transaction fees, easily accessible to enable you to enjoy your transaction process. Not to mention that it’s now available in almost all online casinos in New Zealand. Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum among others.

5. Visa and MasterCard

If you are an online casino lover and you’ve not tested Visa and Master card for withdrawal, then you are missing a lot. They go hand in hand with credit cards where those who don’t have credit cards are bound to use either Visa or Master card. Master card and Visa accounts are essential in that they allow both instant deposits and safest payment options. It is more secured from any of the frauds and scammers struggling to access your accounts. With using a master card system allows the account owner to make a withdrawal once a unique code is sent via email or mobile for each transaction.


POLI is another vital withdrawal method at New Zealand online casino. It is also popular and leading method with a couple of benefits. Online casino lovers in New Zealand always have different choices when it comes to withdrawal of the winnings, but the few who choose POLI always have a sense of smile on their faces. The reason is, POLI users are highly advantaged, and they can carry out cash transaction with the exclusion of credit cards. Just like any other methods that require registration, POLI methods allow easy withdrawal even without you registering to the system. Moreover, not all online casino withdrawal method will provide you with an easy connection to the multiple devices. But upon downloading the POLI app, you can easily access to your different devices such as a laptop for flexible cash withdrawals.

7. Ukash

As you are looking for the best withdrawal method at New Zealand, Ukash is another standard method of withdrawal in the City. With the aid of Virtual Vouchers, the method is reputable to provide you with a safe and instant online withdrawal process. Since some of the online casino withdrawal methods are marked with a lot of inflexibility, controlling your bankroll can be an uphill task. Worry not, the choice of Ukash is not for granted, it ensures you easily control your bankroll, easy to use, among others.

Bottom Line

After reading our withdrawal methods at New Zealand online casinos, you should not have any problem of choosing the best way for withdrawal. Keep in mind that there are still other methods that can also promise you excellent features. Make sure the casino you choose to register with offers your preferred withdrawal method to avoid any trouble.