4 Amazing New Slot Games of 2020

Zodiac Lion

Zodiac Lion comes in at number 1 being a game created by a company that is known as International Game Technology. Moreover, IGT is an International Gambling Company that produces slot machines and other gambling equipment. Continuing, IGT is a company headquartered in The United Kingdom that was founded in the year 1990. They also have operational offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Providence, Rhode Island, and Rome, Italy. Lastly, with their production facility being in Reno, Nevada. This shows that this company is a very reputable slot machine and gambling technology company. Furthermore, they have been known to make a lot of great slot machines and Zodiac Lion definitely does not disappoint when it comes to slot machines. Zodiac Lion is a video 5 reel slot machine game that has a very different and unique configuration that is set up on the five reels. The unique configurations set up starts with its odd slot numbers, meaning one, three, and five, only have four different images on their reels. While, the even-numbered reels, meaning two and four, have 5 different images making for a very unique type of combinations that you can have when playing on this machine. It should also be noted that the shit slot machine is housed inside of IGT’s Crystal Curve Slot holder. Moreover, the slot machine works with a $1 bet on a 1 cent machine. Whenever lion images appear the game then in visual fashion transforms into an image showing wild. This would make you jump in joy if you notice a lot of lion images on your slot machine. Lastly, whenever you get three or more lion symbols shown on the screen and they lock into place when spinning the next thing you will notice that you will get free spins from a giant wheel for more free spins and multipliers.

Monopoly Electric Win$

Monopoly Electric Win$ is a great new fun slot machine based off of the popular Monopoly board game. Moreover, the company that made this new and amazing slot machine is called the Scientific Games Corporation, which is an American company. Though, they are based in America Scientific Games Corporation is an international corporation that supplies many around the world with online casino and lottery products and technology. Furthermore, they are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and were founded by John Kosa and Daniel Bower. Continuing, Scientific Games was started in 1973 and was an instant lotto ticket machine manufacturer but was then acquired by Autotote in 2000 starting the international company they are today. Now, for the Slot Machine Monopoly Electric Win$. This is a very exciting fun slot machine to play and just like every year a new Monopoly slot machine is a great place to start a year off for slots. This slot machine has six reels and twenty lines for you to play with. Moreover, this slot machine has a grand amount of fun bonuses when playing this slot machine. Moreover, another cool feature this game has multiple machines with different bets from as high as 50 cents to as low as 1 cent with a cool bonus bet feature. What you really want to get when playing this slot machine is a board bonus and when you get one you get to roll a pair of dice on screen in which you can win 4 jackpot prizes or 6 bonus prizes. Lastly, you can also win free spins on this machine too. Whenever you land a Monopoly Electric Win$ image on screen you get 10 free spins making for an exciting way to stack up against your rewards.

The Vault

The Vault is a new fun unique slot machine made by the company called Everi Holdings Inc., which used to be known as Global Cash Access Holdings Inc. Moreover, the company was started in 1998 as a three company partnership that all did payment processing. The company known as First Data Financial Services was the company that helped them get into the gambling or gaming business. Next, the company is also an American business headquartered in Spring Valley, Nevada, which is a state that is known for housing many great gaming companies headquartered there. Everi Holdings Inc. company that works in both financial services and also gaming and gambling services. Now, to the amazing new slot machine known as The Vault, is a unique game where you have an empty vault you must fill up to win big. A cool feature about this slot machine is that you can pick three different games to play. Furthermore, each game has a standard of five one penny reels to play with. Moreover, there is a cool full vault bonus feature that works between all of the games you can play. One thing you really want to get when playing this slot machine is an Empty the Vault respin bonus, where you can garnish some good rewards and cash in big. When this pops up you will get into a lock and respin mode where if you get three special images in a row prizes will then fall from the screen into the vault. Another really cool feature when playing this slot machine is that it works with other people playing the same slot machine. Moreover, when playing this game you can earn a cool unique bonus called Diamond Rush Bonus feature where you get to steal diamonds from other players making for a very fun interesting feature when playing this slot machine.

Super Lit Vegas

Super Lit Vegas will be the last new slot machine shared in the passage. Continuing, Super Lit Vegas was created by a company known as Ainsworth Game Technology. Ainsworth Game Technology is a company headquartered in New South Wales, Australia. Moreover, the company was founded in the year 1995 and has a parent company called Novomatic AG. The person who founded the company is named Len Ainsworth whose main goal was to become the top supplier of all gaming technology and supplies. Moreover, they were one of the first companies to introduce a great visual and interactive slot machine as stable amongst their peers. Lastly, the company’s vision is clear and concise simply stating,” To deliver excellence in Global Gaming Solutions,” so this is the company that has made the new great slot machine called Super Lit Vegas. Super Lit Vegas is a new fun slot machine that is under Ainsworth Game Technology specific slot machine line called their Quick Spin family. These families of games feature a unique system where you gain the chance for spins in a quick 7 play system. Throughout your spins, you gain an image that looks like an orb. The thing you will hope to get is 7 or 8 of these images that contain an orb. So, when you get the right amount of orbs the game will then switch over to a wheel spin that can allow you to get more credits in which you can keep or choose to use to keep playing. The cool thing about this feature is that you can win up to 10,000 credits. Lastly, to share is the amazing free spin feature all you need 3 free spin images and you will then get 15 free spins with a chance to win even more.